Crystal Work: The Magic of Purple Crystals

Purple is the colour of spiritual development and spiritual love. These relationships naturally connect purple shades to the traits of truth and compassion. In fact, the violet variety of quartz - amethyst - can be used to represent sincerity in energy work or in crystal therapy. Purple inherits these spiritual, psychic and emotional properties from its governing planets, the Moon and Uranus, the personification of heaven in mythology.

Psychic practice

Purple is the colour used to aid psychic progress - the purple hues of amethyst, for example, make it a good stone to use in meditation, especially if you are trying to develop your intuitive and psychic abilities. Purple crystals can be used to bring protection from hidden fears and it's a good colour for energy work to improve your luck.

Crystals of Power and Royalty

Falling under the auspices of the father of all gods in ancient mythology, purple is associated with authority and royalty.

It has long been used to represent high rank and noble blood, from the Roman emperors to the Roman Catholic Church. These attributes also connect purple to ambition and the inherent nobility of all humanity.

If you are having difficulty focusing on your goals or need more willpower for your determination to succeed, wear purple stones to increase your ambitious nature or place stones on your desk to sharpen your concentration.

Meditating on a stone such as suglite can also being you the clarity and determination you need to achieve your dreams.

Working with Purple Crystals

Purple stones are potent in their spiritual energy, and in each variety there is a special magic that might make it the perfect crystal for you.

Crystal Charms

Almandine Garnet

The purple variety of garnet is a good stone to use for helping to sort out blockages in your Chakras and for encouraging determination to succeed

almandine garnet

Almandine Spinel

An excellent stone for both protection and for banishing fear. Almandine spinel is also a particularly good energising stone.


The stone of spiritual growth, it is perhaps the most useful stone for healing. Perfect for practising meditation.


Purple fluorite

A good stone to use if you want to improve your powers of discrimination and find greater clarity. Purple fluorite is also good for those suffering from depression. It can help stimulate the upper Chakras.

Purple jade

Purple jade is useful for promoting balanced growth in all areas of life. It is also used to attract good fortune into your life and it can help with problems relating to the spleen.


Sugilite is associated with unconditional love and is therefore a good stone to carry for people who care about the environment and wish to strengthen their connection to it.

Purple Meditation

purple crystals are good for helping you to practise your psychic skills and for honing your concentration during meditation session.

  • Almandine spinel is a very goo stone to use for meditations on resolve an willpower
  • Purple jade is good for meditations on harmony, as well as for calming and grounding meditation, or to help you to see the beauty in everything.

Purple Healing

Purple crystals work on the Crown and Third Eye Chakras and help promote spiritual growth and balance of the heart, mind and spirit.

If you are suffering from depression, purple jewellery will open the higher Chakras to positive influences such as beauty and spiritual love without affecting the lower Chakras and making situations seem overwhelming. Purple stones are good for headaches and migraine sufferers, whose Crown and Thir Eye Chakras may be blocked.

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Purple and the Spirit

Purple crystals are associated with realisation and illumination, and as such are perfect stones for those wishing to succeed.

Place a purple crystal on your Crown Chakra if you are feeling depressed or frustrate and feel it suffuse you with purple energy.

If you are trying to develop your psychic abilities, place a purple crystal on your Third Eye Chakra to clear blockages or ease headache pain. Allow the energy to open your psychic faculties and soothe any pain.