Crystal Work: The Magic of Pink Crystals

To the eye, pink is a very gentle, subtle colour and over time it has come to represent positive qualities such as fidelity, friendship, honour unconditional love, romance and tranquillity. Pink crystals inherit these properties and, as such, are stones of serenity and balance, which may be used to bring peace, love and beauty into your life.

Pink for positivity

Pink is a calming colour, helping you to feel more relaxed and able to deal with difficult situations. The pink hues of morganite, for example, heighten your powers of concentration, open your psychic faculties and promote positive feelings.

Traditionally pink has also been considered a feminine colour, because of its gentle qualities. In the West, this is seen in the pink for girls and blue for boys aspect of baby's clothes.

The Complementary Colour

Through mythological and astrological associations - this colour is associated with the Zodiac sign Libra through Venus' governance - pink is closely connected with the subtle qualities of harmony and balance.

The balancing quality of pink is also shown by the fact that it harmonises well with other colours. It calms the heat of red an warms the coldness of blue.

Pink stones such as rhodocrosite may be used to strengthen the body's energy, because their harmonising power can balance and repair the aura.

Pink crystals are important in crystal healing, primarily because they bring balance to the Heart Chakra, which in turn is your centre of balance. The Heart Chakra also responds to the colour green, which represents love in terms of envy and jealousy. Pink crystals can be used to harmonise the Heart Chakra and counterbalance the 'green' energies of love, dispelling jealous feelings.

Using Pink Crystals

Pink varieties of crystal can help to dispel imbalances of energy and bring feelings of calm and happiness into your day.

Psychic Energies

The positive energies of pink crystals can help to hone your psychic skills.

Pink Moonstone

Meditate with this stone to help develop your psychic abilities and improve your powers of visualisation.


This energising stone can power meditations and is especially good for closing your Chakras down quickly after a healing session.


Emotional Healing

Pink crystals work well on the Heart Chakra and help to bring balance and integration of different types of energy.

Emotional trauma

Carrying pink stones such as rhodocrosite or rose quartz can help you to deal with the trauma of a relationship break-up. They will also help the heart to heal by attracting the energies of beauty an serenity into your life.

Crystal Charms



Also known as pink beryl, morganite is a good stone to wear or carry if you wish to open yourself up to love, or to attract love into your life.

Pink moonstone

Pink moonstone or scapolite, is particularly useful for helping to open up the psychic faculties, and for work on intuition, discrimination and clarity of thought.

Rose quartz

Known as one of the beauty stones, rose quartz helps promote greater love of beauty and also enhances calm and peace.


This stone can help when you are trying to integrate different aspects of your life together, particularly is you are feeling fragmented after traumas. It is a good crystal to use to strengthen and repair your aura when you are feeling drained.



This pink variety of tourmaline is an excellent dream stone. Place a piece under your pillow if you suffer from nightmares, to help dispel the negativity causing the turbulence in your sleep.

Crystals of Love

Pink crystals are associated with love and balance.

Serene states

The Heart Chakra weighs up your emotional energies with the mental and physical aspects. Pink crystals help to promote this serenity by calming the heart.

Confidence builders

Pink stones can help build up confidence and self-esteem by promoting balance and encouraging inner harmony.