Aromatherapy: Understanding Invigorating Oils

One of the simplest uses of aromatherapy oils is to give you a boost when you feel the need to be stimulated into action. Essential oils produce effects on the central nervous system, stimulating the body's own systems to help it focus on areas that need attention, facilitating positive mood changes and healing.

Happy and alert

Tests have shown that invigorating oils such as black pepper, coriander and rosemary encourage the production of Beta waves in the brain, promoting a sense of alertness and wellbeing. Citrus oils tend to be invigorating, as do ones with a spicy scent such as cinnamon. Oils are easily absorbed into the body, both through inhalation and the skin, meaning they act quickly to generate their positive effects. A few drops on a handkerchief or in an oil burner will have an invigorating effect.

Properties of Healing Oils

The vast range of oils available means that you can treat a range of conditions using only natural ingredients.

Adrenal stimulant

These oils include basil, geranium, pine and rosemary. They work by stimulating the adrenal cortex, providing a boost of energy for when you are feeling lethargic. You can use these oils in an oil burner or a vaporiser, or by sniffing them from the bottle or handkerchief.

Circulation boost

These oils comprise clove, angelica, fennel, ginger, black pepper, cardamom and eucalyptus. They stimulate the body to ensure good circulation, producing feelings of wellbeing. When used as part of a massage session, these oils ease nervous tension, leaving you feeling energised.


Oils such as bergamot, carnation, cedarwood, cinnamon, clary sage, grapefruit, jasmine and lime lift your spirits, encouraging positive moods. Such oils work best in oil burners and vaporisers.

Your Key to Invigorating Oils

A wide range of common oils have invigorating effects.

Black pepper

This stimulating and warming oil helps promote circulation in the nervous, circulatory and digestive systems.

Aromatherapy black pepper


This oil possesses a head-clearing and stimulating effect which eases mental fatigue and nervousness and also calms digestion.


Cinnamon has a spicy scent that encourages positive emotions and combats stress and depressive moods.


This oil is renowned for its antiseptic properties, and also promotes circulation and boosts the immune system.


Geranium stimulates the mind and has an anti-depressant quality that helps ease the body and soul.

aromatherapy ginger


Ginger has a stimulating and warming antiseptic effect, promoting circulation and easing both nervous fatigue and tension.


This oil's uplifting effect fights muscle fatigue, eases exhaustion and combats depression.


The refreshing and cooling effect of lime stimulates the mind and restores alertness while releasing stress and tension.


Orange oil refreshes the spirit and helps to stimulate the mind, combating stress and tension.


The cooling and head-clearing effect of peppermint eases mental fatigue, as well as stimulating digestion.


Pine possesses a refreshing and enlivening effect which stimulates the mind as well as the immune and circulatory systems.


Rosemary has an invigorating effect which stimulates the mind, eases headaches and also assists the immune system.

Aromatherapy rosemary

Your Invigorating Blends

These blends will give you an extra boost.

Headache blend

Ease headaches with a cool compress to the back of the neck.

  • 6 drops lavender
  • 3 drops rosemary
  • 1 drop peppermint

Uplifting the mind

Stimulate your mind into full alertness with a room spray.

  • 6 drops orange
  • 2 drops lime
  • 2 drops pine
  • 50ml distilled water

Combating stress

Add to your burner:

  • 3 drops angelica
  • 2 drops black pepper
  • 10 drops cedarwood
  • 5 drops geranium