Aromatherapy: Creating a Sensual Mood

The aphrodisiac qualities of certain essential oils have been recognised for centuries by numerous different cultures. These fragrances can have a profound influence on your emotions, helping you to relax and producing uplifting and warming effects on both your mood and libido.

Vaporisers and Incense

The easiest and most effective way to use essential oils to create a sensual mood is by releasing them into the atmosphere of your room. You could do this by burning scented candles, joss sticks or incense, or by heating oil in a vaporiser. This allows the gentle effects of the oil or blend to suffuse your room slowly, producing a positive result that will last for hours. You can put up to six drops of your sensual blend into your vaporiser's water bowl and enjoy the subtle, sensual aromas of your favourite scents as your intimate evening together unfolds.

Making your own Sensual Blends

When making a blend to create a sensual mood, the key word is subtlety. The six drops of essential oil you choose to put in the vaporiser should comprise mostly base notes. This will ensure that the room isn't overpowered with a strong scent too quickly. It's much better to awaken interest in what is to come.

Sensual Blends
To create a sensual mood over the evening, blend:
1 drop rose
3 drops sandalwood
2 drops ylang ylang

Or, for a slightly more raunchy occasion:
1 drops jasmine
2 drops patchouli
2 drops cinnamon

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Base Emotions
Most of the traditional aphrodisiac scents are base notes, which create a receptive mood by relaxing the emotions.
They evaporate slowly and therefore work best over a period of hours.

Flowers and Candles

Many sensual scents are extracted from flowers and fresh plants and also convey the fragrance of your intentions.

  • Sprays of carnations, jasmine, geraniums and roses will make the room feel ready for love.
  • Place flowers near an open window and let the breeze waft their scent around the room.
  • The low lighting effects created by candles helps create a romantic atmosphere, as well as adding to a relaxing mood.
  • Use scented candles that help to fill your room and your heart with romance.

Choosing Your Fragrance

The aphrodisiac qualities of some fragrances have been known for centuries. Use them alone or blend them together to bring love into your life today.

aromatherapy cedarwood


The rich, woody aroma of cedarwood will warm the atmosphere and open up the emotions. Thus helping communication. Cedarwood reminds you of the joy of nature and the beauty of the forest, lifting your spirits and opening your heart.


The sweet, spicy aroma of cinnamon works best to keep the mood of the evening light and warm, promoting enthusiasm and joie de vivre. Cinnamon can be used internally as well as externally, making it the perfect aphrodisiac.


The rich floral aroma of jasmine is perfect for creating a relaxed atmosphere of fun and pleasure. Jasmine's perfume has been loved in Europe since the 16th century.


The calming and uplifting aroma of neroli helps to encourage relaxation and promotes a positive and expressive atmosphere. Neroli is an unusual, yet beautiful, scent.



The warm, earthy aroma of patchouli encourages a relaxed, sensual and sexual atmosphere, though it is not to everyone's tastes. Patchouli is commonly used to make joss sticks.

aromatherapy patchouli


The sweet, mellow aroma of rose is sure to bring back memories of summer days and encourage a positive mood ripe for romance. The rose is a very traditional flower of romance.

Rose otto

The uplifting, sweet aroma of rose otto, also distilled from roses, stimulates the mood for romance and sensuality. Rose Otto is an expensive but beautiful scent.


The calming, sensual aroma of sandalwood will warm the coolest of moods and encourage relaxation and openness. Sandalwood's scent is commonly associated with male perfumes.

aromatherapy vetivert


The rich, earthy aroma of vetivert helps calm the mood and warm the atmosphere, ideal after a stressful situation or an argument.

Ylang ylang

The sweet intoxicating aroma of ylang ylang warms and seduces, encourages relaxation and gives a mood of openness and sensuality. Ylang ylang is an exotic scent from the Orient.