Free Meditation: Reaching the Depths

The leader of our meditation took us on a journey towards being approached on our left-hand side by an entity that wanted to make contact with us. Feet firmly placed on the floor, hands gently resting on the thighs, eyes closed and away… I could sense a being to my left. Initially I thought it … Read moreFree Meditation: Reaching the Depths

Free Meditation: Cilia Connections

Feet firmly placed on the floor, hands gently resting on the thighs, eyes closed and away… I became aware of a lifting sensation, as though my body had taken off from the ground and I was flying upwards as high as I could go, arms stretched above my head in the direction of my travel. … Read moreFree Meditation: Cilia Connections

Being Chosen – Crystal Vibrations

“Crystals have long been held as vibrational energies capable of altering our mood to bring us into greater resonance. When we bring a crystal into our electromagnetic field, the stone shifts our energy by transmitting and amplifying the correct frequency to the cells in the body requiring balance. When in contact with a crystal, the … Read moreBeing Chosen – Crystal Vibrations

Finding Quiet Spaces

View this post on Instagram Simple, practical and absolutely beautiful. Arabian riads are perfect places to relax away from the heat outside. Many rooms off a central, tranquil and cooling space. Once we find this space within ourselves, no matter what is going on in our minds outer rooms, we have entered a peaceful place … Read moreFinding Quiet Spaces

The Energy Experiment – Phase 1 Update

The 3 month stage of any new venture is always a voyage of discovery. When I began this research it was to look at how energy responds between individuals who have had no physical connection. I entered the experiment with no preconceived ideas, preferring the data to take on it’s own direction. Volunteers have been … Read moreThe Energy Experiment – Phase 1 Update

Placebo vs Nocebo – Mental isn’t it !?

We’ve all heard of the ‘Placebo Effect’. Books have been written about it, academic papers have examined it, and people have experienced it. Randomised control trials in the medical field use placebo as a control group when testing a new drug. From the total number of participants in any new study, half will receive the … Read morePlacebo vs Nocebo – Mental isn’t it !?