Spiritual Energy Exchange 1 month investment timesheet

1-Month Abundance Investment Time sheet


Invest in Abundance

Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets is required for your computer to access this time-sheet download


Manifesting Abundance works with the law of attraction

This time sheet records your daily spiritual practices and converts the time spent (output) into an overall balance (input) for you to spend. The more time you invest, the more abundance you attract.

Abundance is connected to your personal signature.

Your personal signature is the synergistic flow of your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual power.

Working with your personal signature is a daily role.

Each hour you spend welcoming the light, and each hour you spend welcoming the darkness of every day is an investment in your abundance.

The Manifesting Abundance Time-sheet tracks your investment on your journey.

Align your signatures personal power through daily investment tasks.

Each task offers space for insight to emerge through natural, spiritual, connection.

Welcome the light and Welcome the darkness practices are included. All other tasks can be found HERE

Each hour you spend in a task accrues toward your total investment hours.

Investment hours are currency which collect in your Balance Brought Forward fund.

At the end of the period, the hours you accrue become currency to spend.

Look at your total fund and decide what you would put it towards.

This cycle of investing time on inner connection far outweighs any monetary value you could place upon it.

This time sheet guides you along the daily investments you can make to flow with abundance.



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